Submit a new text post. The speakers on this unit is dying but with this preset here I get no static. From here on out it goes down hill. No reposts, spam, self-promotion or rehosted content. Noise is unavoidable when it comes to onboard sound outputs, but if it’s something worse, you might have a reason to get your laptop repaired or replaced.

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A lot of people have talked about how bad the ‘s speakers are and that they are dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio or distort. This is a good explanation to what happened to my speakers. Discussion How do i remove this MaxxAudio garbage? Are you sure you want to quit? How is this Dell’s fault?


Leave it as it was. I didn’t really know what was causing it so I actually made a post about it on the Dell Dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio 13 Owner’s Lounge thread in this forum. Where do I buy which part? See the other comment in this thread. JamesG87Jan 28, Go to Equalizer and put on Classic preset or adjust to your liking.

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Its Dells fault they cant produce decent speakers without using shitty EQ to make it sound better. This worked for me, but upon turning my laptop on from standby open lidplugging in my headphones doesn’t work.

Coincidentally I also dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio that every time I tried dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio iTunes there would be a pop up stating” One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. So I turned it off and restarted iTunes and sure enough, my computer was quieter, went down in temp though its still high IMO 49CC, but as I write this message its at 57CC for some reason. Yes I noted running Dell wavepro software, there is problem in memory and cpu leaks.

The speakers on this unit is dying but with this preset here I get no static. For myself they’re connected together, and hence share the same volume, and I have the realtek drivers installed.

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I simply thought I received a faulty unit with a faulty screen and speaker so dell sent me a replacement. Finally got this, thanks: These drivers kept interfering with editing software where I use ASIO drivers and an external sound card.

Leave MaxxTreble on and set to 0. Speakers should be working no matter what OS do you have.

XPS 15 9550 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset!

Log in or Sign up. Log in or sign up in seconds. I have maxxaudoi restart to get it up and running again. This cuts the speakers loudness by a good amount and as of right now still sound okay.

I just wanna dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio thank you. Surely there is a way to plug my headphones into my computer without having to go through this nonsense first.

Thanks again for the fix, just wanted to clear it up a bit: Search first – avoid reposting.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Additionally, iTunes is still giving me the same scripting message so no idea waevs that’s referring to anymore. DanielCalladine Jul 6,