Client Languages Use this section to set the default client language. This name is stored on client devices. Effective July , time-limited trial evaluation drivers are no longer available. Mobile Gateway Message Store: Specify the location to store the client deployment packages.

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The maintenance service completes by restarting the server. Use the Proxy Information fields for Intellisync Mobile Suite servers that must use a proxy server for access to the Internet.

On Completion of Nightly Maintenance: You will be prompted to configure a data source if grohpwise selected the “Configure a data source” check box as instructed above.

From address of SMTP messages: The Intellisync Mobile Suite control Action menu offers specific actions and settings that are important for configuring and maintaining your system. Type the password for the proxy server user ID. Not able to open am client. Integration with ILMT 9.

Due to contractual restrictions, as of Jan, the drivers are no longer available from Attachmate. This name is stored on client devices. General Tab The General tab allows griupwise to set your database connection, proxy and SMTP information, Web site security, nightly maintenance schedule, and your default client language.

This field applies for Intellisync authentication only. You may, however, continue to use previously installed copies of the drivers.

Installing and Configuring ODBC/400 LITE Drivers

Type a unique name for the data source you are creating. Effective Julytime-limited trial evaluation drivers are no longer available. In the meantime, content will appear in standard North American English. Displays the name of the current ODBC data source. Only users you specify as administrators can access the Intellisync Mobile Suite control when you enable this option.

Application Designer, APM, etc. The code word can be any combination of text or numbers. The translated version of this page is coming soon. Specify the location to store the Email Accelerator data. HiT ODBC provides a way for you to run a self-test on your data source to make sure it is configured properly. The server name used for synchronization.

The internal server name is used only inside the firewall and should never go through a reverse proxy because it is used for non-HTTP traffic. However, if you obtained a version Type the login name for the current ODBC data source. Click Issue Grokpwise Key to replace the odbf key for the clients.

Use this setting to allow the browser to determine the client language. In the dropdown list, it remained blank as if I never created one.

SolidDB ODBC driver download – Micro Focus Community

Complete this field only if you are using an authenticated proxy. General Tab Data Source Name: Click Authentication Sources if you want to set up additional authentication sources. Type a password for the current ODBC data source, or you can leave the password field grouwpise.

Use default of The About window shows copyright information and version numbers for the Intellisync software and your Intellisync Mobile Suite components.