But, there will be some changes along the way to improve safety for the passengers. Recently, we got the chance to interview a Walt Disney World monorail driver! The Cast Members must be able to answer a battery of initial guest questions, convey their guests to their destinations in a pleasant and safe manner, and do so while operating heavier machinery than most people will face in their lifetimes. Also on The Mouselets: Media New media New comments Search media. To make this happen, Transportation Cast Members have to be willing to come in as early as 5 AM or stay as late as… well, 5 AM sometimes.

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Media New media New comments Search media.

Nonetheless, many guests take the Transportation Department for granted. I have been going to Disney World for a while now…about 6 times with my family. They are not gonna automatically put you in there since you want to, it is popular position I am sure.


Invero Well-Known Member Jul 2, They do their best to live up to that tenet disnye single day. It takes a special person to make that first impression a great one. Do you need experience?

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But you have to constantly watch your speed, be aware of the location of the next train ahead, and manage to stop the train so that its monorai line up with the gates in the station.

When facing the initial job interview, nearly all Cast Members are asked why they want the position they are applying. Good luck with whereever your monorail path may lead. How long have you been going to Disney?

Search Transportation Jobs at Disney Parks and Resorts

Tram Drivers must be ever aware of guests crossing in front of them or guests standing up while the tram is in motion. So, I went through the process that was supposed to be in place to be trained at Monorail.

You can use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up, or register directly. Those colors were retired following a tragic, preventable collision in July that claimed the life of one monorail pilot. I rode them every trip and loved the way they looked, the designs, and always wondered how fast they monorali go.

Many days, I worked from 5 p.

Interview with a Walt Disney World Monorail Driver | The Mouselets

Monoraul Duster New Member Jul 2, Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. But hey you could work in one position for 6 months while being on the wait list and then transfer.

How do you become a monorail pilot? Do you take a test, swear an oath, sacrifice a duck on the monorail beam? Here are some of the requirements of Disney World Transportation Cast Members that you may not have known: Here are some of the requirements of Disney World Transportation Cast Omnorail that you may not have known:.

That kind of responsibility is not for everyone. After that, you go with another monorail driver and they show you the controls. I love the monorail! They also ask you to take a eye exam test you make sure your eyes are good enough to drive in the dark beco,e well. I was wondering how I could land myself this awesome job.

Interview with a Walt Disney World Monorail Driver

Disney Trainers do an incredible job preparing Cast Members to take the tests, but in the end it is up to the individual to prove his disneg her skill. We lived in a large apartment complex called Vista Way. We have to say, we are very relieved the monorail system is here to stay, and getting the necessary safety updates!

Are there any specific rules that might surprise us?