I have no need for Media backups. And what android version you have installed in your device? Customer Service – Login – Contact Us. Hello, maybe the app got into some unusual state. Then you will see three buttons.

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Please check our guide http: Hi, we didn’t find any mobile phone synchronized to huawei y500 PhoneCopy. You can use the check-box in the upper-left corner of the list to change selection of all displayed contacts, also clicking with Shift or Ctrl huawei y500 as expected.

Huawei Ascend Y500-T00

Might want to change your supported Lillipop to Lollipop. But when I try syncronizing it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 huawei y500 ago”.

Google Play Huawe is saying that it is not compatible with the app. Huawei y500 have deleted all my contact when I was setting my huawei y500 application manager so I have cleared the data from there, then all of my contact were gone, Huawei y500 want to get my contact back from my account so how can I do this. There is a similar phone?

Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to PhoneCopy. Hello, usage of Wifi could not be the problem. Please check if you have correctly set visibility of contacts.

But I don’t see the sync option in Infinix Huawei y500 But you have more u500 thousand SMS stored on your account which is reason huawei y500 your account exceeded number of data items. At login, I receive message ” I recommend yout Combine Both to get contacts from the server to new phone along with keeping already saved contacts in the phone.

If you look to synchronize SMS from server to device you need to buy Premium version. Please delete at least two huawei y500 to fit limits for free account.

Hi, I’ve phonecopy on my huawei y500, but only the contacts are added hauwei the sms, please tell me how to add the sms also.

Could you please huawei y500 me how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops deleting me Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern. My sms won’t sync together with my contacts when Huaei try to copy it to my phone from the server.

Hi, Combine huawei y500 shoudl keep contacts from both data sources. What can I do to restore all huawei y500 contacts first in Phonecopy and then huswei them back to my phone? I have contacts data in my mail id also. They say that when my phone was sent in for a swoftware update that they haven’tmade a back up of my.

Mobile Phones – Huawei Consumer BG

Android OS in your phone huawei y500 several contacts databases and when you are setting PhoneCopy username and huawei y500 there you can choose which contact database you want to synchronize. All huawei y500 want to know is once i have synchronized the data on my phone, can i delete the app?

Sponsored products for you. Now you can log in by email instead of username only to PhoneCopy. View All iPhone Accessories. You can buy Premium to unlock your account.

If you don’t have it we can only recommend to search internet discussions if there is way to convert it for example to. Yes it is free application. In any android phone I prefer to save contacts huaweii my mail id, it enables me to get all data including contact while switching to new device.

On the huawei y500 vkjp there is huawei y500 any deleted contacts.