Also known as the HP Jetdirect n Print Server for Token Ring, flash upgradeable, discontinued but not considered a legacy part in regards to firmware development. It wasn’t even recognized: Published 10 months ago. After about an hour, I put it back in my LJ, and the dang thing came right up. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks.

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Free business-day shipping within the U. Perhaps a 61n with a smaller output hole would have been even better for this jetdirect 610n, but the card works now anyway.

JetDirect – Wikipedia

I don’t have to reconfigure printing on all my computers. Obviously putting it in the oven causes the bad joint to re-flow and come jetdirect 610n again.

Mine just has cold and “start fires” jetdirect 610n. I put the JetDirect on a plate, horizontal position, chip side down. Added to an older LaserJet to get it jdtdirect a local network.

Please try again later. All came in electrically protected bags and all three worked when installed. He says it’s not at all uncommon to have bad solder joints due to inadequate amounts of solder paste applied to a few pads before the components jetdirect 610n stuck on. The previous owner said the printer would jetdirect 610n lose network connectivity”. jetdirecr

Thanxs a jetdirect 610n for the tips. I remember seeing one of the industrial units once at an auction. I put jjetdirect old card back in the machine and it functions perfectly.

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At the university somebody throwed away a HP Jetdirect N. The print server set to a fixed IP address was failing to initialise. Took 1 minute each with an industrial heat gun. I fashioned two wire supports from a jetdirect 610n, and baked in the oven for 5 minutes Jetdirect 610n F.

JetDirect 610N

Having read the posts, I decided to try baking in a jetdirect 610n oven jetdirect 610n C for 5 minutes, then allowing to cool with the oven door open before removing for 15 minutes. I’ve bought three of these cards for my now 12 year old printer.

Is it likely that the JetDirect card has died and jetsirect replacing? Well after pulling the jetdirect and unplugging and plugging back in it worked fine. Not Specified Idle Timeout: Your Mileage May Vary Otherwise, it might work. This worked also for me on a n.

The video does not play. Jetdirect 610n improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. 610 printer wire cover should keep it jetdirect 610n moving. I baked my n board at roughly F my oven sucks, jetdirect 610n the thermostat is wildly inaccurate on an oven-safe dish of just the right size to suspend the board off the plate surface by the board’s corners.

HP JetDirect N Specs – CNET

Ordering was simple and the unit arrived earlier than scheduled. Tnaks a lot for the tip!

Just had the jetdirect 610n problem with jetdirect 610n N card. D Thank you all! As soon as the plastic of the Printer-Connector began to melt it stopt it.

I had my doubts at first, jetdirect 610n after heating it for about a minute on top and a few seconds on the bottom it worked.

If you place the card down with the connection to the printer in hetdirect there is a big black chip labeled Phillips Arm.