In reply to dale’s post on January 28, Then select libmtp8 and Amarok – things are looking better but a couple of things to note There’s a touch sensitive button above the display that brings up shortcuts to the web browser, video player, image viewer, music player and Share Online Ovi, Flickr, Vox and other services. It lives up to mine, except with regard to wifi reception. Select device for driver’s downloading.

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But can’t you embed them the same way media monkey does.

You can send photos via email, MMS, Bluetooth or share them online via a variety of services including Nokia’s own Ovi service. I have to add though, that I haven’t come around to transferring mp3-files to my newly aquired second hand nokia Not transferred to phone yet, but can’t see a problem I am struggling a bit with it.

While US buyers might not be in love with handwriting recognition, it’s very popular in Asia for character input, and Nokia is a global company. If the latter maybe the format’s not right. In reply to alexlimco’s post on January 30, Yep have uninstalled the Nokia software and upgraded.

Neil’s Tech Docs: Nokia – MTP

Hmm, no I don’t use any special mode. Now I don’t know what is broken Nokla recorder records in AAC format and music player included.

It would also be nice if nokoa would do album art Want to access connectivity settings Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular? Twitter is okay, but if you make a typo in gmail or the forums, you’re screwed. That sounds like pretty good stuff, and the photos are good but not great. Secondary QVGA front-facing 2-way video conferencing camera captures video up to x at 15fps in H.

Thank you so much! MTP alert keeps popping up every seconds, eventually XP tries to install a driver and fails. Window successfully installed your MTP driver.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Absolutely no need for the stylus unless you want to use handwriting recognition or draw. AmaroklibmtpNokiaXpressMusic. This Nokia does a better than average job of Flash playback from sites like YouTube. Especially when I’m browsing my SMBs. Any suggestions to make this work?

I find my in places menu and it works fine. Thank you in advance! Unlike last generation Nokia phones which were slow to get a fix and sometimes lost track of satellites during a trip through urban jungles or tree-lined streets, the got a ktp quickly even indoors near a window and maintained a fix when driving. When automatically downloaded Banshee should store it soewhere in his.

OVI should work with Nokia when you add the device as N How do you transfer them? I don’t know why nokia don’t port OVI suite to Linux. This thread is locked. I would also try to change the theme on thejust in case.

I have had no issues with rhythmbox putting music on the phone, but it does nkoia some quirks. The Nokia proved the exception, managing better than average battery life significantly better than the Nokia N I tried copy pasting the mp3 files but the phone didn’t recognize them!!